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Collection of cellular cladding with elegant, deeply textured woodgrain appearance. Made in VOX KERRACORE Technology in order to withstand harsh weather conditions and resist cracking, blistering, denting, splintering, chipping, warping and fading. Never requires painting or regular maintenance. Light weight and built-in locks ensure ease of handling and fast installation. An excellent combination of natural, authentic look and unparalleled durability. Ideal for creating a distinctive originality of any home design. Perfect for people who appreciate the beauty and nobility of wood and look for a durable, long lasting, maintenance-free solution.

Wood Design
Wood Design is an innovative, unique cellular cladding collection of wooden colors conveying the warm nature of wood. Wood Design collection ideally combines the advantages of cellular cladding and timeless beauty of natural wood.

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CONNEX - is a patented, innovative, connector-free method of butt-joining cladding boards. Cladding boards with this system come in 2,95-meter lengths and have special built-in locks at each end, facilitating much quicker and easier installation, for which no additional connector elements are necessary. Consequently, the butt-joints made with the CONNEX system are almost invisible on the wall surface, with no protruding planes. From now on, CONNEX sets a new standard in aesthetics and ease of installation. Durability:

  • 10-year guarantee
  • Maintenance free - no painting required
  • Impact and crack resistance
  • Does not flake, warp or peel
  • Resistance to moisture, mould and woodworm
  • Easily cleaned with soap water and soft brush

Technology advantages:

  • High quality boards
  • Excellent density and uniformity of the cellular core
  • Range of nine standard colours, including dark ones
  • Excellent woodgrain pattern
  • Matt surface
  • WoodDesign range
  • Connector-free butt-joining with CONNEX system

Ease and speed of installation:

  • Board av. weight 5 kg/m²
  • Board length: 6 or 2,95 m
  • Reliable and easy board locking
  • Easy handling due to flexibility and light weight
  • Workable with conventional carpentry tools