New Rainscreen Cladding Product Range
Rainscreen cladding has featured heavily in the press of late so we had to draw upon all our resource to ensure the team were up to date and fully conversant in all facets of this particular market sector before accepting the challenge. Having already brought five CWCT tested rainscreen systems to market and successfully specifying and manufacturing over 60,000m2 since 2016, we knew where to look first…

canopiesNot all canopies or canopy suppliers are the same. In fact, when it comes to choosing a canopy supplier for your modular building or as part of a traditional build, there a several questions that you need to ask a potential new partner. Here, we have listed some of these to help you on the way:

Where are canopies used?
Canopies provide an effective solution on a range of modular, off-site and traditional buildings. There primary purpose is to cover a pedestrian or entrance area where they protect people from the elements, such as rain and snow.

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thelmannModern rainscreen cladding systems provide a building with its defining aesthetic appeal. It is, however, the lightweight yet strong nature of rainscreen facades that makes them the stand out solution for building designers. It is this benefit, for instance, that allows specifiers to create buildings that appear to defy gravity, stopping people in their tracks as they pause to admire and wonder how such an affect has been achieved.

Here we look in more detail at the other top five reasons why an increasing number of building designers are specifying metal rainscreen cladding systems:

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thelmannWith an increased choice of materials, finishes and hanging systems available to architects and building designers, rainscreen cladding panels are now more popular than ever. As a result rainscreen is now commonly specified on most major developments. It also helps that installers find fitting of modern rainscreen cladding panels relatively straight forward – they are lightweight and easy to handle. Plus, the fact that they are manufactured off-site to exacting tolerances means that they fit right, first time.

Architects and specifiers often prefer rainscreen facades, too, because they have high aesthetic appeal, creating a building envelope that stays looking good and performing over the long term. Modern rainscreen cladding can be used on a wide range of developments including high-rise or low-rise, new build or refurbishments.

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hiltiPrimarily developed within the UK to be used for the refurbishment of high-rise buildings, rainscreen façades provide buildings with known performance benefits, whilst being able to minimise the carbon footprint of any development due to their lightweight yet strong nature. Both aesthetically pleasing and functional, innovations in rainscreen façades and further developments in existing technology has seen the introduction of new, cutting-edge  methods of covering a new or renovated building’s exterior.

With greater demands for versatility, durability and state-of-the-art aesthetics, ventilated rainscreen façades are the latest cladding solution to generate great interest amongst today’s architects, specifiers and installers.

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